Hi there...and thanks for dropping by. I am a professional drummer and drum tutor based in Cambridgeshire. Please feel free to check out some of the tracks i have recorded on as well as the videos. If you wish to learn a little about my musical career, there's a brief biog. Enjoy!

Pizza Express Jazz club, London

Brought up in a musical family (my father Dick Morrissey was a influential jazz saxophonist), it seemed only natural that i would end up playing music myself. 

Saxophone was my first instrument but i soon realised that i couldn't compete with my father! so i chose to try out the drums instead. I have never looked back since.

My father entertaining me in Stockholm!


Jazz music has always played a major roll in my musical development but i am equally passionate about other genres. I play a variety of musical styles for two reasons: firstly because i love ALL music and secondly because being versatile keeps the diary full and pays the bills!

I enjoy a busy schedule on the London gig circuit, playing at music venues as well as performing at private events. That said, my drumming takes me all over the UK and occasionally abroad. Getting to travel and explore the towns, cities and countryside of the UK (the good, the bad and the ugly!) is one of the perks of being a fulltime musician.

Pizza Express Jazz club, London

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As a session musician, i am often called upon to record on peoples albums. The studio environment is very different to performing live, but it is something that i thoroughly enjoy, it has its' own challenges which is part of the thrill!